Switchboard & Manufacturing

TECS is a specialist custom Switchboard & Control Gear Assemblies manufacturer, supplying the electrical contracting industry throughout Australia. TECS is able to design & construct any manner of Switchgear & Control Assembly (SCA), from small PLC control panels, up to fully type-tested 7100 Amp Form 4 SCA's. All SCA's are built in conformance to Australian Standard AS 3439.1 and AS3000.

All design, drafting and manufacture is carried out in our Wagga Wagga factory. TECS is able to liaise with Supply Authority engineering departments on behalf of clients, and provide drawings for the Supply Authority prior to manufacture.

Our custom build SCA's are the most innovative designs available today. They are individually designed to meet the requirements of your needs for power switchboards, motor control centres (MCC's), distribution boards and control panels.

TECS offers high density MCC's as well as normal arrangements, in a single 'mix and match' design, where up to 20 drives can be accomodated in a space where most of our competitors can only fit eight or nine!

Our type tested busbar system is also unique in its ease to change, should requirements be changed at site later. Our twin busbar system optimises current ratings and it can be installed at any height within the arrangement.

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